STARTECH PowerXtra SP 710 for Bentley Bentayga


Performance Upgrade for W12, + approx. 75kW/ 102 HP; 170Nm up to approx. 522 kW / 710 HP; 1070Nm


The STARTECH SP 710 performance upgrade is comprised of two control modules, each of which provides two of the four cylinder banks of the W12 with mapping for injection and ignition programmed for more power. They also moderately increase the maximum boost pressure. After the two plug-and-play auxiliary control modules are adapted to the engine electronics, the rated power output jumps from stock 447 kW / 608 HP to 522 kW / 710 HP, on tap constantly between 5,000 and 6,000 rpm. Peak torque grows simultaneously from 900 to 1,070 Nm at a low 1,350 rpm.

Fuel consumption:
– combined: 13.1l/100km
– urban: 19,0l/100km
– out of town: 9,6l/100km
– CO2-emissions combined: 296g/km
– CO2-efficiency class: G

– for W12

– Piece

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